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Tiny Learn (Russian)

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App turns preschool child education in an exciting game! This application includes several educational mini-games and tasks with different levels of complexity: alphabet, numbers, words, associations, geometric shapes, also some tasks for training attention and memory.Please note: this app is originally designed in Russian. If you are interested in learning Russian (or want your chinldren to learn it), you are welcome to use this app! Also if you want this app be translated to your native language, please contact us (contact info is below).
While using this app, a child will learn many interesting things, and will be able to train logic, attention, intellectual facilities and memory. Education is based on simple principle: learn some new material, train and then repeat the studied material.
Mini-games are divided into two categories: for education and for leisure. Education ones are designed to diversify the intellectual qualities of baby, to recieve and learn necessary information for their age (the main purpose is preparing for the primary school). Mini-games for leisure help take a break and get some other skills such as coordination and attention.
Each correct answer in educational mini-game is rewarded with special bonuses - 'stars', which can be exchanged for 'emeralds' to have the opportunity of playing exciting mini-games for leisure!
Application has simple and intuitive interface designed specially for understanding of both smallest and older children (recommended age: 3-6 years). Child will quickly understand how to deal with this app without your help, and you, meanwhile, will have free time that can devote yourself. You will always be able to check progress of your baby and check which tasks were hard.